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How To get there
       Koh Tao is located about 644 kms. from Bangkok and there are numerous ways of getting to Koh Tao from
       Bangkok, Chumphon, Surat Thani and Koh Samui seem to be the most convenient places for stopover. Via
       these destinations, there are number of boat services that can take you to Koh Tao.   
      Bangkok to Chumphon
      By Bus  
       Air-conditioned coaches and non-air-conditioned buses leave Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal every day for
       the approximately 10-hour trip to Chumphon.
     Suwannatanee price is 272-317 Baht/person leaving time at 09:00 am., 12:00 am., 9:00 pm, 10:00pm or
     please call 0-2435-5026, 0-2435-5030. Chok Anan price is 272-317 Baht/person leaving time at 9:00 am.,
     02.00 pm., 9:40 pm. or please call 0-2435-7429
      By Rail
       Several trains leave Bangkok's Hua Lam Phong Railway Station daily for Chumphon. The trip takes
      approximately 10 hours.
      By Sprinter Train price is 389 Baht/person leaving/arrival time at 7:50 am. - 02.15 pm. Speed Train price
      is 104 Baht/person leaving/arrival time at 01:00pm - 09.15 pm.
      By Sleeping Bed Cabin price is 600-700 Baht/person leaving/arrival time at 03:05 pm. - 10:30 pm.
      Please contact State Railway of Thailand at 0-26218701 for further details or website www.railway.co.th
      By Car
       Chumphon can be most conveniently reched by car from Bangkok by taking Highway 4 (Buddha Monthon  
       Road) to Nakhon Pathom, and the to Chumphon via Phetchaburi, Hua HIn, and then onto Highways 41 and
       401. Travelling time is approximate 5-6 hours.
      Chumphon to Koh Tao
      By Boat
       There are three high-speed ferry companies operate daily trip to KohTao.
       Songserm price is 400 Baht/person leaving/arrival time at 7:00 am. - 10:00 am. (travelling time is 3 hours) or
       please call 0-7750-6205.
       Lomphraya price is 550 Baht/person leaving/arrival time at 07:00am - 08:30 am. and 01:00 pm. - 02:30 pm.
       (traveling time is 1.5 hours) or please call 0-7755-8212.
       Cruiser price is 400 Baht/person leaving/arrival time at 07:00 am. - 10:00 am. (traveling time is 3 hours) or
       please call 0-7758-0225.
      Bangkok to Suratthanee
      By Air
        Thai Airways operates daily flights between Bangkok and Surat Thani. Flying time is 50 minutes. Please  
        contact Bangkok 0-2280-0060, or 0-2628-2000.
      By Car
        Surat Thani is about 200 kilometres south of Chumphon. From Bangkok, take Highway 4 (Buddha Monthon
        Road) to Nakhon Pathom, and then to Surat Thani via Phetchaburi, Hua Hin, and Chumphon then onto
        Highways 41 and 401.
      Koh Tao Pier to Cham churee Villa
        Congratulations! You have made it to the island! Once you have arrived the pier, just call us and we suddenly
        pick you up in 10 minutes after the call. Or you call any boat or car taxi and tell them that you want to come
        to Charm Churee Villa/Jansom Bay (only 50 Baht/person).